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Inner City Cypher

From 28/02/15 to 28/02/16

Oner has always been heavily involved with the local Hip Hop scene here in Cardiff. We have played host to a number of jams, video shoots & visits from some of the most respected UK & International Hip Hop artists over the years 

In 2015 we are now proud to be the HQ for the brand new Inner City Cypher hosted by The Hold Up taking place the last Saturday of every month.

Everyone is welcome, emcees, beatboxers, DJs or just lovers of the culture. Each month we'll have at least one DJ booked in to keep the beats going and a pretty much open mic.

We want this to be a central, regular place and time to meet, hang out, try out new material and generally connect with one another.

So, even if you're only in town for a few hours, or on ya way to or from work or doing some shopping etc just pop in, even for 5 minutes show some support for thing we love and the people involved.

Feel free to invite other like minded heads as you see fit.

If you're from outside of Cardiff and/or know people who are and would be interested in being involved with this please let em know we want you/them involved. We need to build a stronger more unified community so we can start representing on a national and international level and let the World know what South Wales has to offer.

Although this is mainly a Hip-Hop ting, if you're a grime or DnB Mc or whatever still come along and flex ya skills and get involved.

Inner City Cypher
Inner City Cypher
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